UPDATE: never mind! Me so smart that after a cuppa coffee I figured it out. Phew. Also, decided to move the button over to the left… less clutter at the end of each post.


So, I am trying to add a Twitter button to the bottom of each post. I managed to do that, as you can see below. The problem… can you see it?!? THE WHITE BORDER. It looks awful.

Truth be told, that graphic below is not even the one I really wanted.

I wanted this one: . Cute, no? ‘Cept for the white background. The frustrating part is that the image is a GIF with a “transparent” background.

Clearly I’m missing something here and I need HELP. How do I get the above image to have a background the same colour as my page? If you know and can give me some help, please leave me a comment. Kthnx. Oh, and follow me on Twitter while you’re at it!

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0 Responses to peeps, I need your help — upd: nevermind

  1. Val says:

    Have no idea….but I want one too!

    Val´s last blog post..Guess who……….

  2. Laura says:

    Glad you figured it out because I have no idea. :)

  3. Marie says:

    I’m on twitter too, but honestly I find the whole thing silly. I think part of my problem is that I never remember to sign in and update. Plus, I have no cute kids to talk about.

    Marie´s last blog post..Finding the Perfect Yarn for a Project

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