To all my friends who see me wandering aimlessly around the ‘hood on Mondays let this serve as the PSA:


Yes, that deserves all-caps.

Where *wandering aimlessly* means enjoying every.single.second of dancing to my own beat from 8am-3pm. Doing what I want when I want. And no, I’m not keeping the kids home with me on those days.

Where *SUMMER SCHEDULE* means that for the next 16 Mondays I play catch-up on the weeks, months, years of backlogged chores that await me at home. Like, for example, putting the pile of hats and mitts from the winter months into the storage bags in the basement. Like, for example, shopping sans enfants for birthday party supplies. Like, swimming laps at the pool in the daytime with the sunlight dancing in the water.

It’s sweet. It’s wonderful. I don’t ever want it to end.

Can you understand how glorious this is? I have ME time. For 7 wonderful hours no one is asking me any questions, crying at me, demanding anything of me. And I’m not just talking about the kids — I’m talking about work, too.

Yesterday was my 3rd Monday on the SUMMER SCHEDULE (although the 2nd Monday didn’t really count ’cause it was Memorial Day and the kids were home from school).

During my day (8am-3pm) I accomplished:

  • the birthday party supply shopping — informed decisions were made! I may have also gotten myself a new bikini bottom (!) and 2 button-down cotton shirts (they’re really cute!)
  • swam laps at the pool (20 laps, if you must know)
  • made strawberry sorbet
  • made the base for roasted peach ice cream (after chilling it for the day I made it into ice cream after the kids went to bed!)
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • put away the winter clothes
  • folded 3 loads of laundry
  • puttered in the garden
  • made a picnic dinner

Getting all of this done during the day made me a much happier person in the evening. I even had enough energy to put up a batch of strawberry jam!

What’s up for next Monday? Prepping for our first camping trip!


One Response to summer schedule

  1. Ilse says:

    Doesn’t sound like a ‘lazy daisy’ summer day to me! However …. I can relate to the blissful feeling of having many tasks accomplished :)

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